• The Tri Series expands to three great races, with the addition of the ITU World Triathlon Chicago!
  • Custom designed Tri Series medals for those who finish all three races (of any distance)!
  • Leon’s Triathlon now offers a Sprint distance option!

What Is the Tri Series?
The Chicagoland Tri Series was created to better engage and reward the greater Chicago triathlon community, one of the largest and oldest triathlon markets in the country.  We believe that creating community among athletes AND fellow race directors is important to the future of our sport. We love triathlon, and want to do our part to ensure a strong local presence in the sport.

How Does It Work?

The series rewards triathletes simply for participating in multiple races, as well as creates an additional level of competition throughout the season.  There is no fee to enroll in the series competition, although participants must register for each event (individually) as usual.

The Chicagoland Tri Series is much more than a platform for the athletically-gifted.  Anyone who qualifies will earn a custom-designed Chicagoland Tri Series Medal, and will be invited to a season-ending Chicagoland Tri Series Athlete Banquet – a mega-cool celebration of all things triathlon (date forthcoming).

How Do I Qualify?
Simple. To qualify you must be officially registered for each of the three 2014 races. This is a time-sensitive program, as you must register for each event prior to race day or a sell-out, whichever happens first.  Triathletes who plan to participate simply opt-in through a registration portal on this site.  Registration for the Tri Series program will close on Friday, August 1, 2014.  Race staff from each event will ensure you are indeed registered for their respective event.

Please review this site to learn more about the program. Thank you for visiting. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out:


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